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by torriemeidell

Hi! We are Torrie and Matt, and we have three children ages 5 down to 0. We live on a “suburban homestead” in Northern Utah, and our dream is to one day own more land so that we can pursue our passions of cultivating the land, learning how to create stunning bouquets of blooms from our cutting garden, become more self-sufficient, and raise animals (though that last one is more of Matt’s dream than Torrie’s!).

Neither of us have a background in farming, agriculture, or homesteading—we both grew up in the suburbs outside of Salt Lake City, and we attended the same university and pursued degrees in subjects that had nothing at all to do with what would become known as Our Homestead Dream: Torrie graduated first with her degree in English Education and taught Language Arts and Spanish for 4 years at the 7th grade level at a rural school across the mountain, and Matt graduated soon after with a degree in Human Movement Science, with the intent of becoming a physical therapist. Life has a funny way of throwing you curve balls, however, so now Torrie is a stay-at-home mom who blogs and does photography on the side, and Matt is the operations and shipping manager for a company that makes small animal (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas) food.

Our parents have always grown gardens and preserved food and extolled the importance of having a good food storage built up, and we want to continue on that legacy, as well as add to it in our own way. Right now we feel a bit like wannabe homesteaders, but our hope is with time and patience and a lot of hard work, that we’ll feel like we can fully own the title!

We hope you’ll follow along with our journey as we search for our homestead, learn from our mistakes, and continue to pursue a more self-reliant way of life. Welcome to I Dream of Acres!

Living the homestead life, no matter the acreage

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